Ask me anything   Well folks...here I am. Chad is the name.

I have started a tumblr to have a place to hoard cool pictures from the internet, share stories that inspire me, and to explore what inspires others. I live in Denver Colorado, and my primary interests are urban sustainability, particularly in regards to food, bulldogs, beautiful bottom boys, queers, architecture, design, plants (especially orchids), gardening, friendship, love,beer, and the envisioning of a better world. Oh and I'm a half Buddhist allergic to meditating, and in love with it.


Stunning Hübnerite and Quartz minor dusting of Pyrite!Specimen shows deep red internal reflections when backlit.Huayllapon Mine, Peru


Stunning Hübnerite and Quartz minor dusting of Pyrite!
Specimen shows deep red internal reflections when backlit.
Huayllapon Mine, Peru

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Contemporary Art Week!

Leo and Diane Dillon

Various Illustrations

Leo and Diane Dillon were one of the greatest illustration teams in the history of Fantasy Art. Books that have used their illustrations for cover or inside art include an edition of the Narnia books, Garth Nix’s Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen, Her Stories and The Girl Who Spun Gold by Virginia Hamilton, The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. LeGuin, Aida by Leontyne Price, The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese by Howard A. Norman, and many, many more.

There is a blog dedicated to archiving their work here.

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Featured Artist #6: Mark A. Facey

Creature Journal is the Tumblr website of the artist Mark A. Facey and was, in fact, the inspiration for me to create this Tumblr.

His beautifully coloured drawings are a mix of fantasy and science fiction and come always accompanied by descriptions of the amazing creatures he paints.

Mark has recently published a PDF book with more than 52 illustrations, many of them you can see in this photoset, with amazingly high-resolution. The most amazing though is that it is selling for only $2! I’ve got mine and I don’t regret. You can buy it directly from his website or through this link:

Creature Journal Volume 1

More Mark A. Facey @: | Tumblr | Society 6 | CfD |


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